Design Build Live

What we do

Design Build Live works to educate and empower each of us to create our environment through natural building and sustainable living. We do that through two main services:

Monthly Presentations

Our presentations, hosted in central Austin, feature a lecture by a professional builder or expert on a sustainable topic. Always well-attended, our presentations are a way for participants to learn about the topic at hand and connect with a community of hobbyists and experts alike who share a passion for working toward a sustainable world.  Learn more about our presentation series!


Whereas our presentations are generally conducted in a typical classroom setting, workshops are the best way to learn and practice new skills hands-on.  Our workshops in the past have taught participants how to build straw-bale walls, rain barrels, furniture from salvaged wood, and much more.  Most of our current offerings are one- and two-day workshops, designed to provide high quality, hands-on instruction that will give the participant the knowledge and confidence to “try this at home”.  They occur at real job sites and are a combination of theory, illustration and actual “work” (also known as “fun”). Typically we provide a healthy vegetarian lunch, beverages, and snacks.

Announcements of our upcoming workshops are updated regularly.  Additionally, if you subscribe to our free monthly e-news you will receive email announcements of new workshop and class offerings.

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