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Straw Bales Now Available in Central Texas!

Looking for bales? Need straw for cobbing?

Thanks to the wonderful Spring rains, there is a good crop of wheat and barley straw for structural straw bales this year! Ken Richter, our bale friend near Taylor, Texas (less than an hour north of Austin) has rectangular 2-string bales as well as big round bales. You can pick them up or he can deliver. Ken said the cost will be $5 or less per rectangular bale, right out of the field.
Need bales but not quite yet? Ken can store your purchased bales. Remember: The more times a bale is handled (picked up out of the field, put into storage, loaded onto a trailer, etc.), the more expensive it gets. So getting your bales right out of the field is the most cost effective way to do it.

In addition to the usual checks for quality (density of the bale, dryness, color, strength of the fibers, mold-free, etc.),Ken offers these cautions when selecting bales:

  • For structural bales (wall construction), do not use bales made by a rotary combine. A rotary combine chops the straw into short pieces and the bales are not as sound.

  • Ask your bale source if he/she has baled for construction before. If not, be careful.

  • Make sure the cut straw was baled before being rained on in the field.

  • Beware of bales offered on CraigsList. Do your research and inspection.

To inquire further or purchase bales from Ken Richter in Taylor, Texas, call him at 512-963-5807.

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