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Gayle Borst, President

Company/Organization: Owner, Stewardship, Inc.

Gayle was a founding member of the Sustainable Building Coalition, DBL’s predecessor organization, and has been actively involved in the organizations since its inception. She has served as the program coordinator for the monthly public presentations for most of those years, and more recently has been the educational coordinator for workshops, classes and special presentations.Professionally, Gayle is a consulting architect for sustainable design and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) commercial/municipal sector projects through her firm Stewardship, Inc., which she founded in 1991. Drawing upon her undergraduate degree in biology, her emphasis has been on site/building/climate relationships, with particular interest in Permaculture, low-impact site development and site-responsive design.

After helping build a cob (earthen construction of clay, sand and straw) cottage during a workshop in California in 1994, Gayle became a passionate believer in the “deep green” advantages of natural building over conventional building materials and methods. Since then she has studied, designed, built, and taught about cob and many other natural building techniques.

Gayle also serves as volunteer Executive Director of DBL.

Ken McKenzie-Grant, Vice President

Company/Organizations: Owner-Arborist, Sunlife Services Company /  Co-founder, and currently Producer & Senior Member, Program Committee: KO.OP Radio  (Texas Educational Community Broadcasting Corp., Inc.)

Birth into a highly mobile military family (both parents were native Texans) allowed for Ken’s early exposure to several geographical settings (Texas, California and Spain), as well as to ways that various cultures function within those environments. While living in upstate New York, his photo coverage of Earth Day  activism led to co-founding an “Ecology Club” in 1970, and to UT Austin coursework split between natural sciences and modern media communications. Concurrent employment then – – (DJ-ing  pop music nightly, with days spent trimming trees), established an Austin lifestyle that continues today.Ken carried Austin’s enthusiasm for recycling (and a disdain for nuclear energy) to Houston’s Pacifica  FM Radio when he began producing and hosting ‘Embrace the Earth’ in 1979, with a format update of that environmental talk magazine for Austin commercial station KFON-AM in 1990. Current efforts to discuss such topics are heard locally every week on KO.OP’s “Shades of Green” FM radio hour, as the program includes Renewable Energy technology and policy, organic health, food and the Permaculture community, with the business of Green & Natural Building – to include non-profit Design Build Live.

Family ties keep Ken busy between tree jobs and radio shows, with occasional participation in American Indian ceremonies, and as a  traditional ‘Gourd’ Dancer at regional powwow gatherings. Given growing local interest in the building styles (strawbale, cob and cordwood) that utilize recycled materials, he still enjoys providing promotional as well as practical logistics support for various tours, events and projects.

Other positions Ken holds include Chair, Entertainment Cmte. for the Austin Powwow and American Indian Heritage Festival, among others.

Yvonne Hansen, Vice President

Yvonne began teaching art in one- and two-room schoolhouses in Wisconsin, then taught art in Saudi Arabia, and California, after earning a PhD in Education.  She has also has taught classes and special sessions at ACC, in classrooms at IBM, and was a professor at Park University (when it was Park College).  A prolific artist, she’s exhibited in galleries in Arabia, Palo Alto and San Mateo. Yvonne has been a fixture of the organization for more than a decade, and was organizing events & volunteers back when the Sustainable Building Coalition merged with the Straw Bale Association of Texas, which later became Design Build Live. The ‘Clipboard Lady’ is an indispensable part of planning and implementation of DBL’s core mission.

Lauren Rochell, Secretary

Company/Organization: Freelance Designer/BuilderLauren received her Masters of Architecture from UT in 2009 and began her architectural career building a straw bale farmhouse in Northern Italy.  Since then, she has worked in California, Brazil, Chile and Mexico designing, implementing and researching natural buildings and landscapes.

Among her notable natural building experiences is her work under the respected straw bale designers, Daniel Smith and Associates Architects in Berkeley, CA. Lauren’s tasks there included the compilation of a LEED Gold certification submittal, work on various residential projects and details for a straw bale construction handbook.

Lauren’s design and natural building work aims to empower, beautify and heal communities. She has led volunteers in building in rural North Carolina, lectured on Straw bale construction in Brazil, and made roadway improvements in a disadvantaged community in Brazil.

Lauren has been active with many DBL natural building projects and now coordinates and helps instruct our workshops. Outside of DBL, she is a full-time designer in Austin, continuing to address sustainability from an anthropological perspective.

Scott Clay


Scott is a fifth generation Austinite! His daytime job for over 2 decades has been at 3M, where he is a Technical Service Engineer for the Communication Markets Division. Prior to that he built custom homes and cedar and wrought iron fencing. He also owned and operated a commercial and residential service company for over four years.
Scott has a passion for the outdoors and a strong interest in sustainable building and sustainable living.  His introduction to building with natural materials began with attending Strawbale Association of Texas (SBAT) monthly presentations. The kindness and caring of the people there along with common interests was contagious enough to soon have Scott volunteering. In 1996 he became the Program Coordinator and ran monthly meetings for several years.
More recently Scott became a LEED Accredited Professional in order to expand his capabilities at Design Build Live and 3M. Today he is active as a Board Member of DBL and is Chair of the Education Committee.

Scott loves spending time with his kids, and he heads outdoors whenever he can. His love of the natural world led him to volunteer with Girl and Boy Scouts, where can encourage his kids and others to participate in outdoor activities. Scott recently started playing the fiddle… when he finds crumbs of spare time.

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